FISH PICNIC (Island cruise & barbecue)

“While our boat`s sailing and we are fishing…”, as says the old Croatian folk song, we shall be cruising with accordion music to the Cres, second biggest island of the Adriatic. Welcome on the amiable island, covered with pine trees and olive plantations, island of fishermen and seafares. A short visit to the city of CRES, a short walk, meet new people and customs. Inside CRES, island`s major settlement, historical memories are alive – town gate, clock tower , Gothic-Renaissance church, Petris palace…. A toast with a small glas of household brandy-grapa, a real seafood meal, browny barbecued and crusty fish, excellent wine, sweet and merry songs, laughter and funny games, a rest on the sea shore, lovely sun, refreshments, and finally, a romantic return home! No, this is not a dream!
Escort , guide, grappa, fishes, cabbage salat , wine, accordion music included.
 Price: cca 30 €


Sportswear recommended. Passport required.
Price : cca 75 €


The Postojna Cave system is the largest known cave system in Slovenia. There are longer caves in the world, but a visit to a cave such as Postojna deserves full attention due to the diversity of shapes, expansive cave areas, stalactite and stalagmite formations and water characteristics. What is especially noteworthy is that most of these various shapes and formations can be seen by every visitor, meaning tourists and not just cavers with special caving equipment. Well kept paths for tourists comprise the greater part of Postojna Cave, making it a “horizontal” cave. Thus a visit to the cave does not present any difficulties for most visitors.
Lipica (pron. Lipizza), riding school of the world-famous Lipizzaners, gracious “four-legged aristocrats” founded-back in 1580-by Archduke Charles of Austria. Successful training and skills, top professional rewards won at competitions, with fascinanting performances. The Postojna Cave, world-famous miracle of Nature! A special train will take us down there, through subterranean halls and long corridors chiseled by the Pivka River. Unseen works of art of Nature all those stalagmites, stalactites, pillars and lime-stone veils, a whole variety of colours and shades. The remarkable “brilliant”, then “spaghetti”, “congress” and “concert” halls will make us wonder, not to mention the artifical pool with, in it, the mysterious man-fish (proteus anguinus)… All miracles of Nature inspiring faith and to be preserved forever.
Sportswear recommended. Passport required.
Price: cca 75 €


The town of the south-western coast of Istrian peninsula, with famous history of Roman Pietas Julia, amphitheatre (ARENA) dating back to the first century (sixtth biggest ever built in the world, with 25000 seats), then Augustus` Temple, Golden Door…. Hello Rovinj, amiable fishermen`s townlet with rich historry, many famous rulers and an attractive – indeed – image: typical narrow streets, secret passages, cornered houses mounting toward the cathedral of St Euphemia, protectress of the town; and , on top, magnificent view over many Rovinj islands and islets still to be visited. Poreč- next – town and its shores are the most famous and the most visited tourist regions along the Adriatic. The old city is a cultural monument all by itself. There , a sacral complex , the Euphrasian With the Baslica from the VI century stands out. The mosaics of the curch fall into the category of the most beautifully preserved works of Bysantinium art. Pazin town in the heart of Istrian continent, has had an important historical role; old town sightseeing is planed, extending along the castle built on a cliff – 130 metres hihg – above the Jama abyss. On our way back – welcome at a small farm, with delicious Istrian cakes, ham and cheese to taste and, in addition, good local wine-trying!
Escort , guide, grappa, ham and chees, cakes, wine, accordion music included.
Price: cca 45 €


You are most welcome to join trip to the 16 lakes flowing down natural staircases, one into another, and creating magnificent falls amid untouched wilderness located on 20 000 hectares of national park. Park under UNESCO patronage from 1979 as invaluable natura beauty. Bright rapids, naturarally formed curtains and channels, charming wilderness, with impenetrable forests where some rare have found their shelter; harmony of Nature which, during long centuries, has modelled mighty waterfalls with, on top of them all, 75- metre high, unmatched Fall of Plitvice. Sportswear recommended. Guide, and entrance fees to the national park included.
This excursion is not suitable for guests who have problems with walking
Price: cca 55 €


Opatija is a very stylish resort, situated at the foot of Mount Ucka, sheltering it from the winds. Tourism began here in 1844, when Iginio Scarpa (an enterprising businessman from Rijeka) built his villa ”Angiolina” on the site of what is now Angiolina Park. Soon after this the resort was frequented by the rich and famous including Gustav Mahler, Anton Chekov and Isadora Duncan. Even the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria used to visit his mistress here! We drive to Opatija to enjoy its promenades and parks. Free time for taste delicious Croatian cusine – l in tipical Opatija’s restaurant- not in price included.

Included: coach, escort guide.
Price: cca 19 €